This Division covers all the necessary plants and equipment for all type of vegetable oils and animal fats refining, for either edible or technical use. Particular care is devoted in this division to the design and for the process parameters optimization, in order to reach the best quality results with the lowest possible consumptions and environmental impact.

Great efforts have been made by us in the last few years towards the drastic reduction of environmental impact of our plants, which has allowed us to obtain remarkable results, as:

  • Reduction by over 30% in used chemicals
  • Zero process water consumption
  • No odor emission - Effluent reduction by over 50%
  • Low steam and fuel consumption
The right type of plant is selected according to the nature of crude oil and fat to be processed. As a pure example, Andreotti Impianti has designed and successfully installed the following refining steps:

see the diagram

see the diagram

see the diagram

see the diagram

Our range of production includes the following main technologies, which have been succesfully installed worldwide:
  • Crude oil Neutralization and Degumming
  • Bleaching
  • Winterizing / Dewaxing
  • Deodorizing
  • Water degumming
  • Special degumming
  • Short /Long mix caustic neutralization
  • Cold refining with wet dewaxing
      Andreotti Impianti’s COLD REFINING special design main advantages:
    • Reduction by over 50% of bleaching earth consumption
    • Energy saving
    • Reduction in deodorizing and physical refining temperature
    • Better cold test stability of refined oil
  • Enzymatic degumming
      Andreotti Impianti’s ENZYMATIC DEGUMMING design main advantages:
    • Same final oil quality
    • Higher oil yields
    • Less wastewater produced.
    • Gums produced are more liquid, than easier to be storaged

  • Continuous Bleaching
  • Continuous Dry Degumming and Bleaching
  • Continuous filtering with or without Oil recovery
  • Fully automatic filtration cycle management through dedicated PLC
      Andreotti Impianti’s special design main advantages:
    • Lower bleaching earths consumption
    • Lower refining cost
    • Lower losses
    • Reduced wastes
    • This result was obtained thanks to:
    • Reaction in absence of water and steam
    • Extremely precise and programmed dosage for total exploitation of bleaching earth activity
    • Improved intimate mixing and high vacuum
    • The filter discharging is fully automatic and is totally manageble trhough PLC. Easy management Reduction of risk to human mistakes Permanent follow up Reduction of required times


The purpose of winterizing plant is to remove from the oil those substances which, at room temperature, make oil cloudy as Triglycerides with high melting point and Waxes.
Above substances can be removed by filtration after crystallization at low temperature.
The filtration cycle is automatically managed through dedicated PLC
Automatic filtration cycle is mainly controlled by:
1) One PLC for automatic control of complete filtration cycle that operates all pneumatic valves and related opening and locking 
switches, level switches and pressure switches.
Controlled automatic phases of cycle are:
Stand by

  1. Stand by
  2. Filling
  3. Precoating
  4. Indirect filtration
  5. Direct filtration
  6. Emptying
  7. Cake blowing
  8. Cake discharge
The PLC controls and allows the automatic passage from one phase to the following, while only one phase that must be authorized by the operator is that of passage from cloudy filtration to clear filtration.
In case of anomalous working, program stops, and calls for operator intervention.
Manual plant operation can be done, and in this case, the operator manages different phases from electric control board by switches selector.

The total automatism is complete with:

  • - Complete set of pneumatic control valves with opening and locking stroke ends.
  • - Set of pressure switches, electric levels and accessories


Continuous / Semicontinuous deodorizing and physical refining with or without quick product change over

  • Continuous packed columns for mild physical refining
  • Vacuum systems with surface/ice condensation
  • Andreotti Impianti's special design main advantages:
  • compact layout
  • low trans isomer formation thanks to long retention time at reduced temperature 
  • heat recovery ≥ 80% 
  • no contamination between each tray thanks to a separate vapours suction from each stage
  • Easier fatty acids condensation and a better quality of same thanks to vapours low temperature,
  • high efficiency vapour scrubbing, less than 50 grams of fatty acids losses per ton of oil processed,
  • quick product change over without significant contamination
  • special design mammoth pumps in deodorizing trays, allowing for better distribution of sparge steam, hence better and more complete stripping action of same, improving oil quality and shelf-life
  • great flexibility for future plant capacity up grading

The use of vacuum groups with surface condensation, replacing the direct contact condensation, has enabled us lately to bring process water consumption to nil and to remarkably reduce (by 50%) the quantity of waste waters. This allows us to state that today our refineries are Zero Water Consumption ones.


ANDREOTTI IMPIANTI S.p.A.'s software specialists developed a dedicated PLC/PB based plant control and automation system. The system allows for complete automation of plant start, stop and running parameters (among others, full automation of filtration cycles). System redundancy guarantees full back-up even in case of malfunction of one PC system. Software remote assistance and upgrading is part of the services offered to our Clients
Typical screenshot of supervising control system of a continuous deodorizing and physical refining plant.

see the diagram

Easy automatic system for plant control.
All actions are easy to be carried out and the ergonomics of the graphic pages, helps the operators understand how to proceed with the operation sequence.
In case of alarm the same is indicated on the screen and managed by the system automation, in case of extended alarm the system provides for automatic plant shutdown following given safety procedures.
The hot redundancy Automation system is one of the peculiarity of Andreotti Impianti for preventing any problem on extraction plant control. All the parameters are indicated on a screen and in case of alarm the operator can easily understand what is happening. Star-up and stop are completely managed from the PC and in case of alarm like absence of steam the plant is automatically shut down and put in total safety conditions. Each electronic instrument is managed from a double-screen PC system.