Dear All,
We're running through very difficult times, the outbreak of COVID-19 virus over some regions of Northern Italy during last few weeks, has brought the Authorities to adopt strong measures, in an endeavor to mitigate and contain the possible infection cases. Our prime minister has called this situation as "our darkest hour", but we believe we have won much harder battles, and we cannot afford to lose this one, certainly not because of lack of common sense.

On Monday, March 10th, the Government has released the so-called "I stay home" decree, which imposes all individuals over the whole Italian territory, not to leave their places of residence, unless for very serious, proven reasons, namely for the procurement of essential goods, for extremely serious health issues, or for reaching the workplace.
In this respect, the Italian Government is encouraging remote working, wherever this may be efficiently possible, as a way to prevent as much as possible contacts with infected individuals, hence to help contain further spreading of the virus.
There is, indeed, no official restriction imposed on Companies to leave all of their employees and workers at home, but we strongly believe this is no time for hesitation, not when our most important asset, the health of all of us and our beloved ones is in play.
Independent of what the institutions request us to do, we want to make Mr. JFK's statement become ours: "Ask not what your Country can do for you, but what YOU can do for your Country".

Therefore, our Company, though no member of same has been either infected or in contact with any infected person, has decided to act proactively for the containment of the virus and has therefore decided, that all of its employees shall continue working from their domicile, making use of the remote connections to the Company's server, so as to have full access to needed files.

Our workshops, on the other hand, will continue their normal construction activities, to satisfy and manage to maintain, to the maximum of their current capacity, the delivery commitments taken with our customers.
This precautional measure shall be in place tentatively till April 3rd, 2020, to be very hopefully suspended earlier, or otherwise extended, depending on the advice the Authorities will give in due time.

Next (hopefully very few) days won't be easy, we shall have to adapt ourselves to a new way of working, but we can strongly assure you, that all of us will be reachable, during normal office hours, via mail, skype, or mobile phones contacts that you know. It won't, regretfully, be possible to either visit or accept visits from Clients and Suppliers, but video conferencing shall be put at disposal of all our speaking partners, with the aim of not affecting performance of business activities.
We all strongly believe that we shall, jointly, be able to convert the experience of this momentary crisis, into a great opportunity to improve our relationships and our common future.
Alberto Andreotti